Monsters After Midnight: A Dark Fantasy Podcast

A bi-weekly podcast featuring dark fantasy, horror, and the occasional real-life paranormal experience.

May 22nd, 2020    

Haunted House Talk w/Marie and Mason!

I sat down with my friends Marie and Mason to talk about their haunted apartment and their ghostly experiences.

Mason's Tiktok - crossroadsmercer

Marie's Tiktok - bestcarrot


March 20th, 2020    

Spring of Life

We're back with episode two, where I reflect a bit on how I felt doing episode one, and reveal the extremely personal place that today's story came from.

Special shout to my patrons, E.A. Catania and Ashley Millington. 



March 6th, 2020    

Uninvited Guest

The debut episode is finally here!

I introduce myself and talk a bit about how I got where I am today, then I read you my story "Uninvited Guest."




February 11th, 2020    

Teaser - Midnight Snack

In this "teaser" episode, I talk a bit about myself and why I've decided to start a podcast, as well as read you a flash fiction entitled "Midnight Snack.


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